Four Companies and One Director: Ms. Amin Answer


After publishing the stories about Ms. Soheila AminTorabi (Shadi Amin) in the UK we decided to take a look at these companies and their activities.

According to the UK company database Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi has four companies in the UK: 6rang, Justice for Iran, Justice for Everyone, Justice in Action. First of all Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) is a resident of Germany and why all these companies were not registered in Germany? This is how we understand the importance of Shadi Sadr and Soheila Amintorabi’s cooperation since she is based in the UK. But the important point is the process of adding and  removing of directors that we take a look at here:


As you can see in the image, 6rang Ltd has been registered in May 20, 2014 and there is no report on its revenue.

Directors of this company were 3 individuals at the beginning: Ms. Soheila Amintorabi, 51, Germany, Journalist, Ms. Aida Amir Fallah, 37, Iran, Student, and Ms. Mehrnoosh Ahmadi, 29, Iran and student. However, according to Mehrnoosh Ahmadi’s facebookshe is a resident of Toronto, Canada and her residency was not correct in here. According to the above image, Ms. Mehrnoosh Ahmadi and Ms. Aida Amir Fallah have resigned from their positions on September 22, 2014 and therefore 6rang has only one director and member and that is Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin). There is no board of directors as there is no report on financial and management.

Justice for Iran

According to the above image, Justice for Iran Ltd has been registered on October 31, 2012 and there is no revenue and the net worth is only 1 GBP.

At the beginning the only director of this company was Ms. Shadi Sadr and after 14 days, Ms. Soheila Amintorabi was added as a director. Therefore, directors were Ms. Soheila Amintorabi, 51, Germany, Jeournalist and Shadi Sadr, 35, Lawyer, Iran. However, according to Shadi Sadr Facebookpage, she is a resident of London, UK and the residency is not accurate in the records. According to above image, in March 5, 2013 Ms. Shadi Sadr resigned from her position and Ms. Soheila Amintorabi is the only director.

It should be mentioned that Ms. Shadi Sadr is still being introduced as one of directors of Justice for Iran in BBC Persian and Voice of America while she has no legal status there. It is important to check these facts with BBC and VOA to see what would their responses be.

Justice for Everyone

According to the above image, Justice for Everyone LLP was registered on July 19, 2012 and the revenue was zero.

The directors of this company were two people from the beginning: Ms. Soheila Amintorabi, 51, Germany and Ms. Shadi Sadr, 40, no country of residency. It should be mentioned that Shadi Sadr’s date of birth is different from her birthday in the records of Justice for Iran. Here she was born in September 1974 and in Justice for Iran she was born in September 1979.

Justice in Action

According to the above image, Justice in Action Ltd was registered on February 8, 2013 and its revenue was reported as 237,862 GBP which is about 400,000 dollars while its net worth is only 1 GBP.

First of all, the only director of this company was Ms. Shadi Sadr (September 1979) from February 8, 2013 to February 19, 2013. Then Shadi Sadr (September 1974) became the director from February 19, 2013 to August 17, 2013 and then she resigned and as of August 17, 2013 the only director of this company is Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin). The revenue was reported as 237,862 GBP which is about 400,000 dollars while there is no mention of this company in international human rights fields or even you can find anything online.

After taking a look at these companies, we see that all of them are in the UK and it is possible that they have other companies in other countries too and it is not known to the public, yet we can have some questions.

A Few Questions:

  • If we say the goals of these companies are non-profit (which they should have been registered as non-profit) and these directors are the board members and their responsibilities are to oversee the activities and confirm the financial statement, still we will have a lot of problems. No one board members can or should be part of executive team because in that situation he/she cannot oversee his/her own activities. Therefore, is Ms. Shadi Amin a board member of these companies that she has the authority to oversee the activities of the directors and staff or she is a director and staff?
  • Why in all companies except Justice for Everyone, all directors resigned and only Ms. Sohelia Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) remains as a director while she always announces that she has a team and every decision is being as part of the team?
  • Why there is no annual financial statement like all credible organization available for public?
  • Why Justice for Action that has $400,000 budget has no website and there is noting available on internet and no report on it?
  • Why 6rang and Justice for Iran that are very active have no budget?
  • Why there are always announcement about joint actions between 6rang and Justice for Iran while these two companies belong to same person and there are no other members? Is this like my left hand is helping my right hand or they consider the public stupid?
  • Why does Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) keep accusing other organizations for not having financial transparency while she does not have it herself?

Either Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) has no idea about the legal procedures of managing organizations and companies and social activities and therefore these are her honest mistake due to their lack of information.

Or she is aware of these changes and wrong information was provided to the UK government to hide any track for the revenue agencies and tax department.

Finally, We request that Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) and Ms. Shadi Sadr answer these question and clarify everything. Justice for LGBT is willing to expand the level of transparency in the LGBT Human Rights filed and we would like to publish the responses of these two individuals.

Sh. Kh.

July 2015



This text is being copied, edited or updated from Toronto’s Small Claim Court’s Public Records documentations that is available to public.

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