Mrs. Amin, stop the nonsense


After months of continuous work, when we were hoping that the ladies might have learned a lesson trained and have returned a little to the right path, our silence seems to have been abused. Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi, former Shadi Amin, we, unlike you, did not have and do not have a million dollar budget. We spent our penny money, our asleep money, on the justice that you tagged along as just a name and destroyed its identity. After months of continuous work, contacting organizations, sending documents and proof to various organizations, international and legal institutions and Iranian activists, and providing our documentation, we thought that our work was over and we have done what was our duty. We were hoping that you have learned your lesson and you will set your obscenity aside and replace the process of destruction with construction. Alas! It’s too late already and you are much worse than this.

Shadi Amin attacking a cameraman in Germany

When you were busy playing detective, busy demolishing people and repairing your money begging pocket, at least one homosexual refugee was killed in Turkey, and we saw no reaction from you. Two more were attacked, stitched, were in need of food to eat, and yet no response from you. Ms. Soheila Amin Torbi, coordinator of the best homosexual network, so what is your responsibility? Creating pages on Facebook and forcing others to swear allegiance to the supreme leader of the 6rang network? Calling all those who did not join your compulsory support campaign bad? What were you busy with that you decided to write about votive food to your German neighbor, but could not bring yourself to write about a young, homosexual and refugee who was butchered to pieces in Turkey? Then what kind of activist are you?

In your latest post on Facebook, you’ve said that you will sue the owner of the site on count of defamation. Why are you talking nonsense? You remind me of the criminal Judge Mortazavi. When in the midst of the murders by the regime in 2009, he was drowning in all kinds of questions, he denied all of them and calmly stood in front of the TV camera and said that we are pursuing the matter and we are going to take the Farsi media outside of the country to the international tribunal court on charge of defamation. At that time, Judge Mortazavi was ridiculed for this nonsense. But apparently you are just as delirious as he is. In early summer when your scams were revealed, and you were faced with questions from the LGBT community, you first issued a statement saying that suspicious movements has begun on the part the regime against homosexual activists. A few months later, in another interview, you have filed a complaint against a person in Sweden and now you say that you have discovered the website manager in Canada. This so-called investigation of yours is as precise as your other researches! Who is paying for these investigations and trials? Is it at your personal expense? Is your father’s inheritance?

Comrade Soheila Amin Torabi, Shadi Amin, you are so keen on your little dictatorship that you forgot one thing. For our bad fortune, in the absence of others, you – if you want to use the right word for it, are Berhultheit or a propagandist. The person the public knows, because she wants them to. A person who considers herself a human rights activist and is supposed to report human rights abuses or injustices. Of course we have the right to question you, of course the meaning of privacy is different for you than other citizens who do not have your job, and we can, look into your life as far as possible and if there is a suspicious issue, bring it out and ask. You call this defamation? Well, its ok, but the official authorities call this out to know, and of course will give you the opportunity to respond too. An opportunity that you never used, and instead of answering, you went on the same as before.

Mrs. Shadi Amin, we are not WikiLeaks, nor are you the US government. But the United States could not even shut down WikiLeaks for a few seconds. Don’t you say that you are right? Don’t you say that the questions posted by different people for this website are false and defamatory? Well, then respond one by one so that the issue is dealt with, and we can publish your response and let it go. The law gives us the right to ask, and give you the right to respond. You must first prove weather someone’s statement is a defamation or not. The defendant is you and not nobody else.

Ms. Shadi Amin, Several acts of violence and misconduct have been reported, all of which have been published, please answer to them.

Ms. Soheila Amina Torabi, give us the answer to our financial questions, that are presented with the documentation and proof. What did you do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars? It is our right to see your financial account.

Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi, the establishment of several commercial enterprises, the continuous resignation of Shadi Sadr and the transfer of responsibilities to you, the sole management of commercial companies, claiming these companies do more than they actually do, and claims of cooperation of this company or, as you say, organizations – Justice for Iran and 6rang- with each other, all this while in practice you are the sole director of all of them and there are no other employees, it is strange, questionable and suspicious. Explain why?

Ms. Shadi Amin, the book that you associate with everything just to bring fame to it, is the subject of another one of our questions. You were 15 or 16 years old when you left Iran. You claim yourself after the revolution you were living in hiding for several months and then escaped. This means that you did not complete the course of compulsory education – guidance and high school – at least in Iran. There are questions about your degree. You are said to have no high school diploma. Considering the approach of the book Gender X and its flaws, the lack of academic education of the author of the book is a matter of many questions. How literate are you? How did you become to consider yourself a sex expert, and on what basis do you think this book is so sacred and have forbidden any criticism of it? On what basis and with what proposal did you receive funds for it- you yourself wrote on the first page that you had a budget – and in the proposal, what did you say your education level is to satisfy the panel? We want to see a copy of your degree. We have the right to know that our activists are not falsifying without backing.

Physical altercation during Parade

You have been arrested several times. There are videos of you on the Internet in which you either interrupt conferences or are arrested because of obvious violent acts. These are accounts of criminal history and it gives us the right to be sensitive about you and we need to know what you have done that you have been arrested many times by the German police. It was because of violence, wasn’t it? From the Berlin conference that you beat the police until recently just…

Mrs. Shadi Amin, We have been working hard to keep this site alive. The pain that you and Shadi Sadr put inside our hearts was the cause of the survival of this site. Without the budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars that you have. But now that you are not going to turn to the right path, we’ll take each other’s hands to make another step to clarify the situation and make everyone aware of what you’ve been doing. Soon, the English and Dutch section of the website Justice for LGBT will be launched, because you know that it can have its own audience too.

Mrs. Shadi Amin, if the revolutionary guard and clerics are interested in your sabotage and desolations too, this is not our fault, you are at fault for have done wrong and for ruining human rights activists.

Mrs. Shadi Amin, you’ve become the hands puppet of a person who was famous for the destruction of human rights activists in Iran, and when suspiciously left Iran, has only one thing, and that is only destruction. On the verge of your 52 years in life, you have become a hand puppet.

Dear readers, Justice for LGBT will reflect your experience with Mrs. Soheila Amin Torabi and Shadi Sadr to provide it to different organizations. Contact us.


This text is being copied, edited or updated from Toronto’s Small Claim Court’s Public Records documentations that is available to public.

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