DR. Miremad Tabandeh

Director & Coordinator

Dr. Tabandeh is an Iranian gay man who was born in Isfahan city. He got his PhD in Biotechnology and Microbiology from Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran and is currently residing in Zurich where he is teaching genetics. He is one of the Justice4LGBT founders and is its director and coordinator since 2015.


Soodabeh Moinpoor

Director of the International Relation

Soodabeh is an Iranian lesbian. She was born in Tehran and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Soodabeh joined Justice4LGBT since early 2018 and she was determined to be the voice of those LGBT victims who were silenced. Soodabeh will try to echo their voices in among the international community.


Anahita Lahijani

Legal Advisor and Director of Evaluation & Assessment Department

Anahita is an Iranian lesbian and was born in Lahijan, the north of Iran. She completed her law degree in Shiraz university and currently is a PhD candidate at Dalhousie University in Canada. Anahita joined Justice4LGBT team from 2017 and is in charge of review, evaluate and assessment of reports/evidences.


Shervin Shafiei

Director of Field Research Department

Shervin ia an Iranian FtoM transgender and was born in Saveh, Iran. Shervin joined Justice4LGBT in one of the most critical moments of his life. He was a refugee in Turkey when his cancer was diagnosed. He returned to Iran due to his family’s pressures. Meanwhile, he became a target by Ms. Shadi Amin’s abusive and hostile behavior and decided to fight with both cancer and injustice together.


Fatemeh Navidi

Director of Internet and Social Media Department

Fatemeh is an Iranian bisexual who was born in Ahvaz and currently reside in Germany. Fatemeh completed her BA in computer science at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz. She joined Justice4LGBT in late 2017 and her goal is to increase the safety and security of Iranian LGBT individuals within the cyber communities.


Sanaz Zandi

Reporter and Director of Production Department

Sanaz is an Iranian lesbian and was born in Arak. She is currently studying journalism at one of Iran’s universities. She was one of the Justice4LGBT founders and since 2015 she is helping us in editing and production of reports.