Sun Won’t Remain Behind Clouds forever


These days there is a discussion among a group of LGBT community about the violant behaviours of one of human rights activists with LGBT refugees and other LGBT community members.

First of all I should say that I have no interest to get involved in these kinds of discussions and like many others I do prefer to be only an observer and it is obvious why. Mostly these kind of “discussion” will get out of hand. Deliberately, insulting, defaming, dishonouring each other will be a hot topic and quickly everything will be reduced to a personal matter. Engaging in these “discussions” needs someone with a iron-clad nerve and extra time that I do not.

But Shadi Amin in her last response mentioned some issues that I found interesting.

Because I do believe that explaining these matters could clarify some of behaviours of human rights activists, I convinced myself to write a few word and share it with public.

First Shadi Amin in her Facebook post with a very tacky and offensive literature (for example calling the other partya pig) called a group of people psycho which among them “more psychic individuals … use their position as “director” and manager of that self-built and self-centred organization”

This is interesting because because Shadi Amin is aware that she is in the same situation and not only is she the director of one “self-built” organization but also director of four self-built companies:

6rang Ltd

Justice in Action Ltd

Justice for Everyone LLP

Justice for Iran Ltd 

A few points:

  • the above information are not confidential and it is open for public and it could be found with a simple search on the internet.
  • These companies are all being “directed” by Shadi Amin, under her real name, Soheila Amintorabi, and all of them are “self-built”). (Her real name is not a secret and many people are aware of that)
  • Only in oneof the four companies she received 237,000 GBP (about 400,000 dollars) in funds. This shows her financial stability which require more accountability.
  • There is nothing wrong with managing four companies and receive grants. There are many similar organizations that do the same and have a positive impact (and they do not accuse others as well). Also companies could have public and human rights activities and at the end of their fiscal year have no surplus and spend all the revenues for projects and salaries.

But it is important to see that none of these companies have board members. (It is obvious that board members are different from advisory board).

The main reason for having the board member is reviewing and overseeing the director’s job. Director need to answer to the board. Board of director could change the directors and they have power to hire or fire any manager or executive.

But lack of having a board of directors in one company shows that the “director” of these companies is not accountable and responsible at all and no one can oversee her activities. This is the “self-centred” point of Shadi Amin companies. (Having a few names in some of the companies to apply for budget and adding and removing them does not make any changes in the fact).

Again, that would be acceptable if an organization or company does not have a board of director but if having “self-centered” or “self-built” organization is wrong it should be wrong for everyone.

Shadi Amin continues: “…”those sick”…” ‘abuse’ their position as “director””, and their job is to fight with other group and organizations”

Telling this point from Shadi Amin is interesting again because the staff of those companies that are being “directed” by Ms. Amintorabi (that one or two people) in their facebook post or in personal emails to other human rights activist and in their chats, that are creating rumors against other organizations and human rights activists exactly “their job is to fight with other groups”. Does she consider herself sick as well? Does she ‘abuse her position as a “director” as well?”

In fact the “defamation” “campaign” against “human rights activists” and “threatening refugees” have been started a while ago by those people whose “history” is not clear.

I am very sorry that I had to write these but the continious violence that have been started from a few individuals especially in the LGBT field is very concerning. However, these behaviours is not limited to the LGBT community and other activists and organizations are not safe from them either.

What we witness now is the whispers of those concerned and tired individuals that are fed up with this scary situation and want to break their silence.

Unfortunately, behind all these accusations, threats and rumors is nothing but financial agenda.

It seems that Shadi Amin (who is not alone) is trying to achieve a hegemony in some of the human rights fields. In a simple word, she tries to dominate and occupy some of those fields and make them her “property” and herself and her companies will be the only “right” voice of the movement.

It is obvious that other successful organization and individuals in these fields are her “rivals” and she can not tolerate it.

There are a lot of stories about discrediting people and putting a lot of pressure on firing those who are not “loyal” to her and are working for other organization and media.

The authoritarians are always trying to remove “the others”. They insult, accuse and in short they try all their best to make the field available only for themselves. These are not looking for justice for anyone and they do not care about anyone’s benefits.

Each individual or groups has the right to work in any filed that they want. These issues are not anyone’s property. The success or failure or credibility of these activities will be proven by time.

It is very sad that some people in the name of justice and defending human and humanities allow themselves to be violent against others. I wonder how people still believe that sun could remain behind the clouds.

In order to be safe from all attacks and accusations, I do not mention my name here.

Email received by Human Rights Corruption

May 2015



This text is being copied, edited or updated from Toronto’s Small Claim Court’s Public Records documentations that is available to public.

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