THREE Articles and ONE Sentence


Item [3] of the Reasons for Decision of Toronto’s Small Claim Court on Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) vs. Arsham Parsi’s case [HERE] says:

It is the plaintiffs allegation that eight articles and messages are defamatory of her. Five of these were published on a web site The defendant denies he has any involvement with that web site or that he is responsible forauthorship or publication. One Facebook messages by Mr. Parsi to Ms. Homily, a friend of Ms. Amin. One is a “refugee letter” published on a web site known as Khodnevis on the day Mr. Parsi was a guest editor. This is also one of the five onthe web site One is an e-mail sent to Amnesty International by anaddress associated with

Among all articles on Farsi Version of the Justice4LGBT website, only five articles were pleaded as a defamatory article as below:

  1. That Bed with Purple Cover and Coloured Walls – page 42
  2. BBC Researcher Has Criminal Record But No Diploma – page 27
  3. Received letter: You are a homophone and anti-male Mrs. Amin – page 32
  4. Received report: You even censor Wikipedia? – page 30
  5. A Homosexual Refugee: Our Rights is Being Abused by Some So Called Activists – page 36

Also there were two other items which have nothing to do with Justice4LGBT:

  1. A so called letter to Amnesty International – page 45
  2. A private Facebook chat between Minoo Homily and Arsham Parsi – page 46

Again, we have to declare that Mr. Arsham Parsi is not and never been as part of our team since Justice4LGBT always tried to be independent and neutral toward LGBT activists and we will raise our concerns whenever and wherever is required.

  • A private Facebook message between Mino Homily and Arsham Parsi is about everything but Justice4LGBT and as you may find, Mr. Parsi mentioned that he has no relationship with Justice4LGBT. This is clearly a private message between two individuals who are expressing their opinions on different topics as we all express our opinions on social media.
  • The letter to Amnesty International is a fabricated document by Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) and her team since Justice4LGBT has never sent this email to Amnesty International and this evidence (page 45) can be easily produced by a teenager using Microsoft Word. By referring to the full hearing transcript, you may find that Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) never provided any explanation to how this evidence was produced. She simply said it was forwarded to her and she did not provide any supporting evidences such as the email header, or even the email screenshot to see if this is even an email.

Here is a sample fabricated email that I just created and please compare it with page 45 of HERE:

  • Court did not recognized the item number 5, A Homosexual Refugee: Our Rights is Being Abused by Some So Called Activists, as a defamatory article and reject Soheila Amintorabi’s claim.
  • Court did not recognized item number 4, Received report: You even censor Wikipedia?, as a defamatory article and only ONE sentence of the whole article was recognized as which does not make a big differences to the article at whole.
  • Court recognized only THREE articles as defamatory toward Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) and none of them was related to Mr. Arsham Parsi and indeed he was not the author of the articles since clearly someone else is the author and Justice4LGBT provided the email correspondences to Mr. Parsi’s legal representative to support this fact.

The biggest advantage of Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) was that most of Justice4LGBT team members, authors and contributors are residing in Iran and Turkey and they are having fear of being targeted not only by Soheila Amintorabi but also the Iranian regime and she used this issue against Mr. Parsi. In the lack of counter testimonies and evidences from Mr. Parsi, the balance of probabilities for court was affected.

Justice4LGBT is determined to voice those victim of abuses in more transparent and legal capacity.

Anahita Lahijani

Legal Advisor and Director of Evaluation & Assessment Department

One Thousand and Thirty Pages of Court Transcripts

On March 25th, 2018, Justice4LGBT directors decided to get the full documents and transcript of the Soheila Amintorabi aka Shadi Amin civil lawsuit against Mr. Arsham Parsi at Toronto’s Small Claim Court over our organization and website. These document and evidences is indeed help us to see what happened there. …