You received Three Hundred Ninty Thousand Dollars worth of money for one item Ms. Shadi Amin?


If you review the registered documents of Shadi Amin (the original name of Soheila Amin Torabi) and Shadi Sadr’s company, you will find horrific information. When I first saw these publicly available information, I cried. I remembered all those times I volunteered for them and they always said they did not have the money to pay wages. I remember all LGBT and non-LGBT asylum seekers who are homeless in small Turkish cities. I remembered Mahdieh who lived in a tent. I remembered Amin who slept with his luggage in the corner of the park, remembered Ali, whose employer took his money and he did not have any more to pay to rent, I remembered Tina, who was very talented and the ladies made her work without fiving her anything.

How professional are you, that you even hid all of these from your closest colleagues! I can’t believe that I’m read this on the Internet. But now I analyze for everyone so they’ll know.

The findings show that Shadi Amin (with the name of Soheila Amin Torabi) and Shadi Sadr, who, in addition to the business partnership, some say that have an emotional relationship with each other too, have registered 4 companies in the UK. (Details can be found in this research article here). But let’s examine only one of these four companies to understand from different angles, the disaster, financial abuse, corruption, lies, and violation of the rights of individuals, including myself better.

On Feb. 8, 2013, Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi (Shadi Amin) registered a company called Justice in Action in Britain. At the beginning of the company, Mrs. Shadi Sadr has been named as the director of the company, but after a few months she resigns, and the organization of justice in action is in the hands of Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi (Shadi Amin). An organization that is based on the records of the UK Registration Office is in practice a solitary organization and has no other member. According to the information found in British registration documents, this organization which is not named anywhere in the media, not in the press, nor in the series of activities that these two women are always promoting, on the very first day, has received 237,862 Pounds (equivalent to about US $ 390,000). (An explanation for those who are not aware, Western countries offer funds to activists from several countries, including Iran, who come up with humanitarian proposals. These funds come from the United States, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel.)

Just so that everyone knows, I want these two women, especially Mrs. Soheila Amin Torabi (Shadi Amin), to clarify that under what name and for what purpose were these funds received for an organization that had no activity in practice? An organization that even Google does not provide any results for whether in Persian or in English? Can Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi (Happiness Amin) explain how when they can access such to a huge financial source, they spent all their time going up the ladder of fame and building name and credibility for themselves and nothing else, especially when they accuse everyone of being wasting resources and corruption? Perhaps they want to say they were doing research? Or the money was spent writing books and making the name and preparation of reports that, apart from the fact that its authenticity is not so clear, did nothing to solve any issues of the refugees and activists under the pressure inside of Iran? What is your education and how did you get the title of scholar or researcher? Research in an organization in which the evidence suggests is in solitary practice and we reaffirm that has no activity? If you had spent $ 10,000 of this $ 390,000 for the same interviewees and asylum seekers who spent time and money on so-called research and books, perhaps these abandoned refugees in Turkey would not have been in need of food? Are LGBT asylum seekers are just your hand puppets to get more money from your countries? If you gave her twenty dollars of that money to Marjan, the transsexual girl who died from sickness in Turkey, the girl that in the height of her illness, you made to sit in front your camera and interview her and made her tell you her life story so that you can display it at various conferences and collect money? Maybe then Marjan could buy her expensive drugs and did not have to die and be buried in the deserts of Turkeys’ remote villages? How much would the situation be different if you had given ten dollars of that fund to the family of prisoners who are in touch with you and cooperate with you from inside Iran in the dungeons of the regime? What did you do with this money, Ms. Shadi Amin, who, just like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his associates, considers yourself to be one of the purest human beings in the world, but when some light is shed on your activities, there is nothing to be seen but ambiguity and corruption?

Nearly $ 400,000 is just one year’s worth of one of your four registered companies. God knows how many other organs and unregistered institutions you have that have earned money in the name of the oppressed people and nobody knows about it. You could have chosen any name, but Amin (trustworthy(is an outrageous choice. Perhaps now you also want to spend the money you got in the name of other people and on absurd projects (which benefit nobody except yourself), on exonerating yourself of these revelations, and on fictitious actions and advertisements. Its free money after all…


Signature: Your former colleague, whom you always told you did not have money to give him a fee, and he was forced to volunteer for you.


Pictures are from corporate registration documents in Britain.

Refer to the site links that are in the text of this report to view the documents.



This text is being copied, edited or updated from Toronto’s Small Claim Court’s Public Records documentations that is available to public.


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